Circles of Light

Many healers in Thetford are part of Suffolk Healers Association's Circles of Light,that is a group of healers who are or have been members of Suffolk Healers who try to help people suffering from potentially terminal illness or whose quality of life is such to be described as very poor, by the use of distant healing for those individuals

We have had notable successes with Circles of Light however we cannot guarentee anything. We can say some benefit will be received although this is not always noticed by the recipient.

Anybody can request distant healing from circles of light providing they meet the criteria mentioned previously. Just complete the form under contact us all we need is first name and condition


Thetford Healers can offer training to those wishing to become healers also the opportunity for people to see if healing is right for them through the Suffolk Healers Association Foundation Course.

The course offers participants the opportunity to get hands on experience while exploring the theory around healing. Click on the link on the right for foundation course if you require further information.