What is Healing

It is the transfer, via the healer, of the natural energy within the universe.

How do Healers work?

Healers have the ability to link with this energy and channel it to you. A healer's objective is to restore good health through the balancing and harmonizing of mind, body and spirit, the three elements of your being. This is a simple and gentle process. Healers will usually begin either by sitting in front of you and briefly holding your hands or by standing behind you and gently placing their hands upon your shoulders. Some may begin by placing their hands upon your head. Such methods of initial contact assist the Healer to attune with you and the source of the Healing Energy. Once attuned they will then place their hands on or a short distance away from various parts of your body as and when inspired. This will probably include the area which you feel is giving you trouble. At all times he or she will be sensitive to your modesty. Do tell the healer if you do not wish to be touched.

What do I do, What will I feel?

During the healing treatment relax as much as possible. The healer may help you with this process if necessary through a variety of breathing and visualisation techniques, whilst also making sure you are comfortably seated/lying. Try not to be anxious and to have an open mind. A positive attitude will help the healing process. You may feel a sensation of heat or coldness emanating from the Healer's hands. Perhaps too a slight tingling or trembling. You are likely to experience a feeling of peace and calm enveloping you as the treatment progresses. At the end of the session you will hopefully be relieved of tension, relaxed, more supple and have an easing of pain.

How long should I have healing?

Sometimes one treatment is sufficient, but it is often progressive and the results are gradual. Do not become discouraged if early results are not forthcoming. You may begin to realise you are calmer, healthier and more confident. It is rare for anyone to attend for a period on a regular basis without benefiting in some way.

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