The Code of Conduct States

1. A healer must always ask whether you have consulted a doctor about your medical condition and formally advise you to do so if you have not.

2. A healer is forbidden to countermand the advice or medical treatment prescribed by your doctor or advise upon it. We would like you to tell your doctor that you are receiving healing. A growing number of doctors nowadays refer their patients to a healer or have them working in their practices. Many hospitals, hospices and nursing homes have healers working in them too. The Patients' Charter will support you if you ask your doctor to refer you to a healer

Can Healing help the terminally ill?


Yes. Pain is often alleviated and for many a sense of peace and tranquillity is experienced. The fear of death felt by some may also be dispelled. The bereaved too can often find much comfort and strength from healing.

Are records kept?

Our Code of Conduct and Professional Indemnity Insurance conditions demand tliat we do so. A brief account of your condition is recorded and a report made at each subsequent visit concerning progress etc. These records are regarded as strictly confidential and the information is accessible only to the healcr/s and patient.

Can I receive Healing at home?

Yes - talk to the healer (or receptionist) about it and they will arrange things for you if at all possible

Other Questions

Do I pay for healing?

Many healers do not charge. Others will accept a donation towards their expenses - travel, premises rental etc, and some charge a fee. It is sensible to raise this question at the outset.

Can I stop having healing?

The decision is entirely yours. Healers take a deep interest in their patient's welfare and wellbeing. It is therefore courteous to advise them if you decide to discontinue, particularly if they operate a timed appointment system.


Healing Sessions held in the St Michael's Community Room, St Michaels close, Thetford, Norfolk, UK.IP24 3EJ

1st and 3rd Thursdays in the month - 7pm to 9pm

Private Healing

Many healers will offer private sessions some charge, some do not, others ask for donations.